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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Roast Factor Glee | Bukit Utama

Recently, my brother and I started hunting on cafe that served hand brewed coffee.We love to try out different types of hand brewed coffee, but unfortunately there isn't a lot of cafes in KL/PJ that serve hand brewed coffee compared to espresso coffee. 

Roast Factor Glee is a cafe that serve hand brew and cold brew coffee which is what we are looking for. They also specialise in roasting their own coffee beans in-house. It is a small cafe located in The Club at Bukit Utama, nice quiet little place to do nothing but enjoy coffee during the weekends.

It isn't very eye catching at first glance from the outlook.

The available coffee of the day were written on the wall with the description of the aroma and taste. You can always ask for recommendations from the barista if you cannot make a choice. I love to request the barista to recommend based on my preference on that day.

Cold brew refrigerator

Bread and cakes counter. One of the recommended buns is the brioche with strawberry jam and danish butter.

Hand Pour: Pour Over- RM 20
Guatemala Los Cerritos was our choice of coffee for hand brewed. It is said to have the mild taste of milk chocolate, pleasant rounded body and melonish acidity. The body of the coffee wasn't strong but overall it was still fine and light in taste.

Cold Brew: Black no Regret- RM 18
We chose the Rwanda Inzovu coffee bean as our choice for cold brew. There are three types of bean to choose from for cold brew. If you like a cold light coffee, this will be your cup of coffee.

Mom's pancakes-RM 15.00
The fluffy pancakes are topped with bacon bits and two smoked streaky bacon, served with their strawberry tomato artisan jam and is a hearty breakfast you should get to start a day. However it is only available on Weekends which gave us one more reason to come over on Sunday morning. I love their unsweetened strawberry tomato jam, giving a light taste to the honey coated pancakes.

Love their coffee? You can purchase their in-house roasted bean to make your own coffee at home now.

If you are looking for dessert to bring home. You can get their premium ice-cream with 6 flavours available.

Roast Factor Glee
G06 Village Shops@The Club, 9 Bukit Utama, No. 9 Persiaran Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:03-7732 2893

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