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Saturday, March 09, 2019

I'm Back!

Since the last post in 2017, I basically hibernated for the past 1 and half years. What have I done for the past 1 and half years? I have gone through from having a lovely husband into getting our first baby daughter. Our baby daughter is 9 months now! Time flies so fast, still remember the day that I carried her in my arm in the labour room, and she is now all grown up, able to crawl and stand on her own.

For the next few weeks, I'm going to share my journey of pregnancy, my delivery and baby led weaning process with my baby.

It was a bumpy journey during my pregnancy. I was on bed for around 2 weeks when doctor found bleeding during my second month of pregnancy. I vomited from third month, continue until 6th month of pregnancy, worst time is early morning and late at night. Stomach upset everytime I had spicy food but I had the crave everyday. I was admitted to hospital on 41 weeks due to overdue but baby seem to be very comfortable in my tummy after 3 doses of medicine to induce labour. Luckily doctor manage to make it happen for natural delivery!

Here is a summary of my pregnancy & delivery:

Vomit period: 3rd month until 6th month
Weight gained: 15kg (41 weeks)
Craving Food during Pregnancy: All spicy & sour Food
Delivery: Natural birth, baby came out at 41st week
Delivery place: KPJ Klang, Selangor
Doctor: Dr. Vijaya & Dr. Ooi (baby)
Breastfeeding: Fully Breastfed, still on-going even though baby is 9 months now. 

My 7 months pregnancy

My baby 3 months old 
9 months old Now!

Signing out now! Stay Tuned!

Mummy Su Fen

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