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Friday, October 08, 2010

Harvest Inn Cafe

Another new place to be review today. Due to celebrating KK birthday, I have the chance to visit this place. It is located in the housing estate at Irrawaddy Road. A famous place for Western Food in Penang other than the Tanjung Bungah one. This place is called Harvest Inn Cafe. It is a corner house painted with white colour which is very different from the other houses.

From the menu, there are categories into snack, chicken, fish, steak, lamb, spaghetti and drink. You can upgraded to set with an add on of RM4.90. You will have soup of the day, drink (peach tea, lemon tea, white coffee or tea) and dessert (cake with ice-cream or jelly with ice-cream). The price that I remember from the menu, most of the chicken chop is at the price of RM12.90 and above, fish is RM13.90 and above.

Soup and bread that come with sets

Fried Calamari-RM8.90

Tempura Fish- RM13.90

Fish Cordon Blue-RM13.90
(no nice at all-a very strong fishy smell)

Mexican Chicken- RM12.90

Chicken in Fusion style-RM12.90

Dessert-cake and ice-cream

Harvest Inn Cafe
10, Irrawaddy Road,
Pulau Pinang 10050

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