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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Premier Screening- Social Network

Today I went to Midvalley again with my brother. Yes I know you sure thinking what is that so fun about Midvalley that can make you go there 3 times in 1 week. I got a call from my friend yesterday to offer me a pair of free premier screening on Social Network. Thanks to her that I was able to know who is the founder of facebook (though I have been using facebook everyday) and his story.

So this movie is basically telling the true story of this Facebook's founder-Mark Zuckerberg. It isn't that boring story I expected but rather knowing the truth of other people make me enjoy want to know them more. To know above the whole story you can look through from here or watch the movie which will be screening in the cinema on 2nd December 2010. Not a bad movie to watch just their conversation were a bit too fast, hard to capture what they are saying and the arrangement of story is a bit messy where the story jump here and there.

After the movie, of course we couldn't miss to have a full meal before going home. So, we want to a small food junction place in Gardens, we choose Oyster King stall. My brother went to have in Pavillion before but we thought of trying the Gardens outlet to see whether there is any different. The Yam cake and Wun Chai Ko have a very strong rice smell, I personally don't like that smell. The fried oyster glutinous rice was alright but a bit tasteless. The acha was nice. I love that. The oyster noodle was nice but the yellow noodles smell was strong. Lastly, we added another dish-fried oyster (that we should miss in the oyster restaurant :)). The taste was not bad indeed but brother still prefer Pavillion one. He said the oysters are not as big as those in Pavillion. I'll try the Pavillion stall next time. Overall 5/10 to me.

Yam Cake

Wun Chai Ko

Dried Oyster Glutinous Rice

Oyster Noodle

Fried Oyster-RM6.00

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