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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soon Lee Coffee Shop | Old Town

I used to come here every weekend after exercise. It is a place where I always like to have my breakfast after a long walk at the park. It was a nice place to have some simple breakfast in the morning.

What is nice here? I love the Keuh Teow Th'ng here. It has been here for many years since I was in secondary school.

Keuh Teow Th'ng
One of the famous stalls in Soon Lee is the Kuay Teow Soup stall. I always eat this because its not too heavy for breakfast, and the soup is clear but it is full of flavour. Probably because they use fried pork skin to cook their kueh teow soup, so if you the type who don't like this, you have been warned! But sometimes, their quality was not always that consistence most of time is in weekend when there are too many customers. So, wish you luck!

Other than having noodles, I also like to have some different side dishes like dim sum. It is sold by an old man standing at the corner of the Kopitiam. 
The dim sum being offered here is quite nice. Although it is not as high quality as the Hong Kong Style Dim Sum Shop beside, its a much cheaper alternative if you just want some xiu mai and fish balls. I do like the steamed dumplings though, the other two are just regular dim sum like any other coffee shop.

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