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Monday, June 11, 2012

Soya Bean & Ma Chi | Petaling Street

Probably most of you are quite familiar with this place-Petaling Street or we called the China Town at KL. I always come to this place to search for some really good wholesale price beads. As usual, I am always surround myself with food and same as this time, I'm going to introduce you some snack food to have here.

It was a hot day that day I arrived. A cold drink is a must so I went to the stall located opposite the famous mata kucing beverage stall. The small stall is named Kim Soya Bean. It is at the T-junction of the Petaling Street.

Here is my soya bean!
It taste great, not very sweet, just nice to cool down myself for a hot day like that. if not mistaken it is RM1.40 per cup.

Next stop is the Ma Chi stall. It is just a few steps always from the Kim Soya Bean Stall. A old lady selling it with lots of newspapers cutting hanging on her stall. Seem like she is quite famous there. 

The old lady was not friendly that day when we asked her whether there is different in price between the original and other flavours Ma Chi. Anyway, we weren't trying to fought with her, so we left her saying anything she want.

Mix all Flavours Ma Chi-RM5.00
Ma Chi were big and huge, I personally prefer small Ma Chi which can easily put into my mouth. But the fine grounded peanuts were a lot compare others Ma Chi are more to sugar than peanuts. It taste not bad but I would still prefer the original taste than those fancy flavours like pandan, yam, chocolate and others.

What are you still waiting for, come over Petaling Street and discover more food there. There are famous for their food like the chee cheong fun, wan tan mee and many more. I will try out next time if I come again. :)

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