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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Xiao Bar Wang Taiwanese Street Snacks | One Utama

Accidentally discovered this place when I was looking for food in One Utama. This is a franchise shop started by an artist named Jeff Wang (famous in Singapore's movie). It is basically a shop serving authentic Taiwanese street food. For more info about the background, view here.

It is a small shop located at the lower ground floor near to all the food stalls. What attracted me was their big pictures of Taiwan food in front of the shop. Those pictures just stuck into your mind and immediately you imaging what to have next just by looking at their board.

The range of choices are limited, however it do covers the famous Taiwanese delicacies like the fried chicken, mee sua and braised pork rice. I love about Taiwan food is that they always come in set meal which ease the process of choosing ala carte.

Set Meal C: Braised Pork Rice with drink-RM 9.90
The braised pork taste so dry as if it has been laying there for hours. Although the portion of braised pork is more than the rice portion, it just doesn't add value to the taste. I could said the worst braised pork rice I ever had so far.

Set Meal D: Bento rice with drink- RM12.90
For bento rice set, you are allow to choose between chicken, fish and pork for the meal and we chose pork. The fried pork was hard to chew, I guess the pork meat was not tenderise before it is cook. Moreover, the rice was hard and it make it so hard to go through the throat.

Mix Crispy Chicken and Fish-RM8.90
We gave another try on their crispy chicken and fish and it just disappointment so badly again. The crispy word just doesn't tie with their deliverable. Moreover, it was too salty until we gave up finishing it.

I really wish this was a good place for me to have Taiwanese snacks as they promoted in their videos. However, I don't see it worth coming back again with that kind of quality and taste.

1 comment:

Jane Fong said...

Tried the food there once and we walked out with disappointment as well :'( I would rather eat McD...

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