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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Proposal from Him | Villa Samadhi @ Kuala Lumpur

Although it has been 7 month since the proposal, some are still curious about our proposal and I think it is the time I share it out. Since I was very busy on work, I can't manage to take leave for a short getaway from town, so he decided to pick somewhere near KL area. He managed to found out this special place in the heart of city where it is hidden from the street view. No signboard or any indication to show about the place, he used the entrance photo from the website to get to the place. See how secret the place can be.  

Photo is taken from the website

This is the entrance of our villa with a private Jacuzzi. Still no indication of his proposal yet...Still suspicious..

The Balinese look of the place using bamboo, wood and bare concrete as the main structure of the villa. Although outside the sun is strong, but it is cooling inside, the benefit of using wood in a house.

Once I open the wooden door, *chiang..chiang..chiang* rose petals all over the floor on the long corridor.

Rose petals along the corridor and a big love in the room area. Instantly, I knew his naughty idea, he is going to propose! My eye already filled with tears by the time I opened the door, I cant really see clearly the road when I reached the room area.

There it goes the proposal from him! A big bouquet of 99 roses and the ring! 
I always wanted the proposal to be just two of us, no video, no witnesses or any fancy wedding proposal. Wedding is about two person caring and sharing their life together. Proposal should also be that way, two person enjoy the special  moment together and cherish it. And he make it!

The bathroom area, very long and wide, I can even dance on the area.

My man just love this place the most, two big rain showers just can make him go crazy all day long..

Complimentary chocolate from them, the staff will send to the room when their make up the room in the afternoon.

He actually booked the room that is direct access to the pool. Very beautiful view from our room. Remember to bring your swimsuit/bikini when you are here. You can swim all day long.

There goes the proposal from him! Thank you so much my dear!

If you are planing on a proposal/honeymoon/short getaway that is in KL, here is a good place to be in your list. Check out more from their website. I'm not going to share too much details here as you need to experience yourself to have the wow factor.

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Choi Yen said...

wow, so romantic, just you & him~~

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